Rocky Long Range Waterproof Work Boot 6" - R8878

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      ▪Full-Grain Leather Upper

      ▪Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof construction

      ▪Long Range X outsole system of ten peak performance components

      ▪7 Layer Footbed

      ▪Goodyear Welt

      ▪Double Sewn Sole

      ▪Carbon Fiber Shank

      ▪Oil Resistant

      ▪Slip Resistant

      These men’s shoes have been built with a round toe; this is a classic shape for men’s footwear and a huge benefit of having it is that your feet are less likely to feel constricted while you are working. The full-grain leather that is on the upper of these men’s shoes is astoundingly smooth, terrifically durable and allows the footwear to fit comfortably from the very first time you lace them up.

      You should think of Rocky waterproof construction as an incredible barrier that is able to keep out external water; having this helps your feet to remain utterly dry. Inside, the Long Range footbed offers tremendous cushioning for the bottoms of your feet and generates a steady flow of air. For shock absorption and to enhance the comfort level of this work footwear further, these shoes were outfitted with a midsole.

      Further down into the base, a Stabili-Shank™ has been incorporated into the design to provide solid arch support and stability. Correspondingly, this Long Range outsole has been designed with 3mm of tread depth that will give you maximum surface contact.